Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The weary traveler returns

I've been mostly gone since the end of July. Florida, Baltimore, Minneapolis....come and gone. I'm happy to be home.

While in Baltimore, I visited Cloverhill Yarn a delightful shop in Catonsville about 4 miles from DH's Aunt's where we were staying. I didn't expect to find such wonderful yarns or ladies there! They even had a stash of toys for the boy! DH accompanied me. He was great with Grant and even walked away instead of asking how much I spent! *sigh* I do love this man!

Cherry Tree Hill in Life's a Beach pictured above.

Mama-E's Cy*ber Fiber Socks in Clover Hill Signature (no pics, I'm having it out with Blogger and pics tonight and I give up!)
Wool in the Woods Helix in Lottery
and Claudia Handpainted in Black Walnut

Most are sock yarns with the exception of the Wool in the Woods. I'm looking into patterns for a wrap from this. I want something with a bit of texture in it, but not too difficult.

As for summer knitting....I've finished one Sizzle from Wendy in royal blue and am making another in a green Cascade Sierra.

I'm also working on another pair of socks in Knitpicks Parade

Whew...enough fighting with the computer for tonight!

(Susan, I expect a good comment....LOL)

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roggey said...

You're gone for almost 7 weeks and all we get is one (one!) yarn porn shot? Make with the click-click woman! Let's see the yarn porn!

[ BTW, glad you're back =) ]