Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Isn't summer supposed to mean vacation??

I have had exactly 3 days off since school was out for the summer...so don't give me any crap about "teachers have it SOOO easy!"

I'm getting my knitting groove back! I've finished a watermelon hat, a few of washclothes and the baby kimono from Mason Dixon. I love that pattern by the way! SO easy and quick! I think it will be my new standard baby gift!

I'm plugging away on my boxer shorts. Whatever was I thinking when I decided to knit them? Ummm yeah, that's a LOT of stockinette on size 3 needles! Good lord! I have one leg almost done. When I finish that leg, it will feel like I've made progress, right??

I am currently planning my next big undertaking. Deep breath here.....I'm going to go for the Mommy Shrug from Interweave. I'm making it from Tiki, a bamboo yarn.

There are times when I do hate being such a loose knitter. I had to go down TWO needle sizes to get guage on it. YES...I did a swatch! I am not going to put that kind of effort into a sweater and then have it make me look like Quasimodo!

Sigh....it's time to go clean the house. I have made a deal with myself. I can order the Tiki (on sale at that) IF I get the kitchen and living room clean. I must even vaccum (if you only knew how I loathe that machine)






roggey said...

Dude! It's now August - blog something! ;)

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