Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year, New Goals

Welcome 2007!

This year, I plan to get my knitting back on track. I let myself putz and lay around this fall rather than knit. Knitting keeps me feeling productive.

In order to entice myself to knit, I have decided that I need some goals and some ways to reward myself, don't you agree?

For every goal I reach, I'll be able to buy something yummy for myself. It might be yarn, needles, stitch markers or something like that or it might be a treat (although I don't really need treats)

My goals for this glorious 2007...

  1. Knit a pair of socks every two months. Yes, I know, that's only 6 pair the entire year, but really, it's a huge goal as I only completed 3 pair all of 2006.
  2. Make a sweater for Boo. This should be easy, he's fairly small!
  3. Knit a sweater for myself. I've started this several times and ended up frogging. It's time to get to work!
  4. Learn to knit a lace pattern of some sort. This can be a scarf, wrap or other, but it's something I need to do!
  5. Make a wrap. This can be combined with #4 if needed.
  6. Make Mr. something. He really ought to have something his wife made, no?
  7. Make at least 3 things to donate to a charity of some kind.
  8. Teach Kol'Lonte and Darel to make socks. This involves teaching them to purl, knit with DPN's and then teaching the sock techniques. I'm going to do it though!