Monday, February 27, 2006

Up and coming...

I have turned the corner (okay, heels) on my socks! Now all I have to do is finish the foot and toes! WOO HOO! The short row heel isn't hard, just takes a bit of patience.

I started my Lucy bag during our Wine and Knit (although there was no wine) on Saturday night. It's 50% completed now. I can't wait to complete and felt it!

My next projects will be Easter baskets for Grant, Abby and Sam. AND...(cue dramatic music) I have been commisioned to knit a sweater for the darling Marissa! I'll be shopping for yarn this week. Wow! I must be a "real" knitter now!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Updated Photos

Finished products of the Knitting Olympics! (although I am considering taking out the A and making it smaller on the purple one!)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Olympic Glory

I have finished my Olympic Knitting. At 11pm last night, the sweaters were gently eased into shape on the bed in the extra room. All ends woven in, neck ribbing sewn, embroidery finished!

As with all athletes, this accomplishement does not come without price. My wrist and arm are very sore today. I am not sure why, although DH looked at me, shaking his head as I described it. "Carpal tunnel," Mr. Hypochondria diagnoses, yet I refuse to believe it. No, not me, *I* am NOT giving up knitting! I may cut back, but refuse to quit!

To that end, I ended up at The Yarn Shoppe this afternoon, exchanging yarn for my Lucy Bag that will be cast on tomorrow. I took Grant with me, he was on his good behavior. I must profess my love for Ms. Laurel. She is the kindest woman I know. She adores Grant and doesn't mind when I go in and talk her ear off. She even let Grant pull out most of the tubes of buttons, even showing him ones that she thought he would like!

I came home with two skeins of Cascade in gorgeous shades of lime and turquoise to add to the pink I have. It will be my "spring" purse. I get happy thinking of it :)

I have so many projects to start, and one to finish. I'll be learning the heels of my two socks on two circs tomorrow. I am looking at this as a challenge. I WILL learn this! I WILL end up with two sock that are alike! I WILL!

I'll include pictures of the Olympic sweaters, alas, these were taken before finishing. When DH decides to find the cord to download from OUR camera, I'll post the final results...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

In unexpected times..

I was sitting at our Spring conferences last night, finished with my work and awaiting parents (somewhat hard to come by from middle school) when a tiny girl came to talk to me. She said "my sister knits" so I struck up a conversation and then she went to get her sister.

Her sister came to talk to me. She is the sister of one of my students and in 6th grade. I would venture to say she is one of the smallest 6th graders I've seen. She held in her hands size 7 needles and maroon yarn. She was so cute! She is a member of the knitting club at our school and was just learning. You know, I forget sometimes that knitting unites people! She was cute.

I left conferences and arrived at our Stitch and Bitch stash swap. I was reminded again how knitting unites....these women have become friends to me (gosh, if they are reading this, I hope they are friends!) I enjoy their company more than they know. They encourage me to try things I wouldn't have thought of attempting before. They celebrate the progress and finished projects too!

As I think of cleaning my house for this weekend's wine and knit (note, that said THINK not do!) I realize that I'm looking forward to having these FRIENDS over!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Image hosting by Photobucket Here's a picture so you know who I am!


The boy is asleep, there is no school today. Thank you presidents for giving me some extra time! I've been threatening to create a blog for a while now. I have some crazy idea that there might be someone out there interested in my knitting and my crazy life. I guess that time will tell......

My current knitting projects you ask?

Well, I have some finishing to do on the first top-down sweater for Miss Grace's first birthday. I am in the middle of Miss Addie's Birthday sweater also. Addie and Grace have first birthdays coming up one week apart in March.

I am also waiting until my class on Saturday to learn to turn the heel on my two socks on two circs! I'm very excited about this, but God knows if I'll ever be able to do it on my own!

In the works you ask?
Lucy Bag
Felted clogs
several Felted Easter baskets (yep, I volunteered to make these for Sam and Abby!)