Monday, February 20, 2006


The boy is asleep, there is no school today. Thank you presidents for giving me some extra time! I've been threatening to create a blog for a while now. I have some crazy idea that there might be someone out there interested in my knitting and my crazy life. I guess that time will tell......

My current knitting projects you ask?

Well, I have some finishing to do on the first top-down sweater for Miss Grace's first birthday. I am in the middle of Miss Addie's Birthday sweater also. Addie and Grace have first birthdays coming up one week apart in March.

I am also waiting until my class on Saturday to learn to turn the heel on my two socks on two circs! I'm very excited about this, but God knows if I'll ever be able to do it on my own!

In the works you ask?
Lucy Bag
Felted clogs
several Felted Easter baskets (yep, I volunteered to make these for Sam and Abby!)

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