Thursday, February 23, 2006

In unexpected times..

I was sitting at our Spring conferences last night, finished with my work and awaiting parents (somewhat hard to come by from middle school) when a tiny girl came to talk to me. She said "my sister knits" so I struck up a conversation and then she went to get her sister.

Her sister came to talk to me. She is the sister of one of my students and in 6th grade. I would venture to say she is one of the smallest 6th graders I've seen. She held in her hands size 7 needles and maroon yarn. She was so cute! She is a member of the knitting club at our school and was just learning. You know, I forget sometimes that knitting unites people! She was cute.

I left conferences and arrived at our Stitch and Bitch stash swap. I was reminded again how knitting unites....these women have become friends to me (gosh, if they are reading this, I hope they are friends!) I enjoy their company more than they know. They encourage me to try things I wouldn't have thought of attempting before. They celebrate the progress and finished projects too!

As I think of cleaning my house for this weekend's wine and knit (note, that said THINK not do!) I realize that I'm looking forward to having these FRIENDS over!


roggey said...

ha! with the tanning story, you hardly alienated anyone =)

Claire said...

I love your toddler sweaters. They turned out so cute.