Monday, March 13, 2006


Well, the Lucy Bag #1 is finished and gifted.

I began a fair isle cardigan for Grant, but it's been relegated to the corner until said project decides to behave itself. Note to self, don't take fair isle projects to Stitch n Bitch, you get distracted.

I'm almost done with Lucy Bag #2 :)

In a moment of guilt for considering attending a baby shower without something I'd made, I cast on a roll brim baby hat this evening. Now I'll need to make two of them! One for the shower, one for another teacher who's last day is friday.

I cannot WAIT until the yarn from Knitpicks is here! I'm very very excited about the Shine and the Main Line that I ordered for Marissa and Mae's sweaters! I'm looking forward to working with cotton.

I also ordered myself sock yarn and enough wool for several Easter baskets!


Kari said...

hmm...Lucy bag, that sounds familiar..i must have ran across a pattern sometime with that name.
Anyways, I scrolled down and saw the pink and blue sweaters that you made and thought i'd tell you nice job on those. :-)

roggey said...

dude! update your blog! photos!