Thursday, March 02, 2006

Knitting Karma

I've come to realize, as time passes, that there is a certain method to the universe. A certain ebb and flow. Though my life has been of the flow direction in the last few months, the pain and loss have begun to ebb. Things seem to be getting back to normal. I hope the trend continues.

I am almost finished with my Lucy Bag. I've been so excited to finish and have been chatting people up about it. I planned out my stripe pattern so as to be "random" yet still work in a repeating fashion. (yes, I hear you, if I plan it out, it's not random...and NO that doesn't make me a freak, remember, you said SAVANT) I my happiness, I guess that I forgot to actually READ the directions. Don't you just HATE it when that happens! I realized as I was 10 rows from beginning the handles, that I had used the larger needles intended for making a big bag, not the adorable handbag I wanted!

CRAP! Yes, I said CRAP! I have no one to blame for this but myself, I realize that, but I tried hard to blame it on my husband. In the end though, I had to admit it was my own mistake.

I consulted my knitting mentor (yeah, I'm kissing up Susan) and after some thought decided that in a way, this is knitting karma. I have a friend at school who is having a tough time. She's frustrated with some of her students. I've been there, believe me, I've been there! Her husband is travelling for work. That just stinks. So I decided to finish this bag the way it is and give it to her. She needs a pick me up and I hope this does the trick. I'll make another one for myself using the size 8's I should have!

Along those lines, in another form, the homespun that I pulled off needles in a fit of anger and disgust is finding a new life with a new knitter. One of the women in my Stitch and Bitch group is ill. Jean is making her a prayer shawl out of the remaining yarn. I'm happy that this yarn that became a symbol of snotiness and shunning is going to do someone good. I hope that Liz enjoys it and it keeps her warm and comfortable when she needs it.

Enough of the philisophical, I must tend to 7th graders who are trying to get away with pretending to read!

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