Thursday, October 12, 2006

I volunteered at our local March of Dimes Chef's Auction last night.

I realized that despite what we went through when Grant was born, we are blessed....SO have a healthy son.

The ambassador family there tonight. I talked to the mom for a while. They have a daughter, Annie who is 22 months, only 3 months younger than Grant. She was born less than a week earlier than Grant (he was 9 week early, she was 10). She had a brain bleed common in preemies. She too was flown to Iowa City. She was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. (Grant was though to have it but did not) She has developmental delays including Cerebal Palsy and physical issues. She is learing to walk with a walker.

I was completely blown away by the similarities in stories but the dramatically different outcomes. I just can't even describe how that hit me, I teared up thinking about it.

Our Grant truly is a MIRACLE

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Darcy said...

So true! And he's adorable, too! :)