Monday, August 21, 2006

Last Day of Freedom

Hand Dyed Sock Yarn and a shot of my stash!

School starts for teachers tomorrow. BLECH How could summer have come and gone already? Time passes much too quickly!

I went into my classroom today and unpacked boxes. It's nice to have that mostly done. The weather even cooperated and it wasn't unbearable as it usually is.

We had a wonderful evening. Dinner on the deck and then a great walk in the beautiful weather. I even got some knitting done! The back of my second Sizzle is to the armholes. I plan to work on it an hour each night or so and I should have it completed by the end of the weekend.

What do you think, bring knitting to Master's class on Saturday (9-4...blech) or not??

Just for fun, let's try a pic...
OMG It worked!! Should I try another? WOW! The curse is lifted...more tomorrow!

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roggey said...

Great pics!

When are you going to send me the photos from laqst week's SnB to post?