Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Updated project list....

  • Mittens to match my scarf in Manos Wildflowers
  • Watermelon Hat (must finish soon)
  • two socks on two circs

Future Projects

Quicko-Cheapo in Blues/Cream for the boy

More socks

Peapod Set for Sara

Refined Raglan in chocolate brown

Did anyone see Gilmore Girls last night? A Knitathon! What a great idea! It *almost* makes me want to live in Stars Hollow. I say almost because I know that REAL knitters wouldn't just pack up and leave if the goal money was suddenly raised! We'd STAY! REAL KNITTERS WOULD STAY! (I do have to say though, I covet the shirt Loreliae was wearing KNIT OR GO HOME!)


Anonymous said...

If you are interested in Gilmore Girls merchandise, specifically relating to this episode, you should check out this page:

Among other things, you'll find "Knitathon" and "Knit or Go Home" designs!

Tracy said...

I just wanted to let you know the graphic on the shirt was lifted from the owner of If you want the design, please support craftster and purchase it from