Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It makes you think.....

I was reading Knit and Tonic today Wendy was talking (venting) about KIAKs. You know, those knitters who know it all and show off at any moment. I can say I've not had to deal with them often.

But regular KIA's, yep....been there, done that.

I was reading the comments to the blog today and found Mary-Kay. I think I'd like her if I ever met her. I've been there, done that. I've gone along and then felt guilty later. I've been the target. It's something I have learned from, but those lessons are not free.

Why do people think they have any right to be better/bigger/more than others? Why can't we just BE who we ARE and be happy with that? Is it too much to ask?

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roggey said...

I just wonder what issues the KIAKs are toting around... whenever they begin with the: "the proper way to do XYZ" and you mention: "well shit, I just do this and it seems okay..." they become vehement in telling you how wrong you are...

I use to get quite pissed off at them, now I just shrug, smile and keep on keepin' on =)

I'm happy with me, too bad they're not happy in their wee world.